The Saturn Opposition

As Baby Boomers, we reach our third Saturn opposition around the age of 72 or 73. At this time we address issues that have not been resolved since our Second Saturn Return at age 57 or 58. We need to look at choices made around 14 years ago about health, finances, family, spirituality and more. Are these choices just as valid as they were at our second Saturn return? Most likely not. This is a time of reevaluating these issues, letting go of what no longer works and preparing ourselves for the next phase of aging.

At this juncture in life we may have to change the habits we had in the past. Such as spending, diet, exercise, socializing and more. We can change these habits most effectively during a Saturn transit because they stick with us and are a fundamental part of our new stage of life.

If you have the responsibility for caring for a loved one, he/she may give you resistance as you try to look after them. If you stay with your partner out of duty rather than love, taking care of this person may feel like an overpowering burden.

If you have family or friends who are around 14 and 15 years old, they are having their first Saturn Opposition. This brings issues about limits from the family, school or from the first relationship. It is important to look at the sign and house of their natal Saturn to see what area the restrictions appear.

If you know someone about 43 or 44 years old, they are having their second Saturn opposition. It could be the time when the right person comes into their lives, or if in a committed relationship, there could be boundary adjustments or the end of a partnership. It is a time when they come to a fork in the road about their career. They could be making decisions to stay longer in their current occupation or make a move into a new field of work.

Astrology can give us insights and answers during these three junctures.
Brenda Black, CAP June 2019
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