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Your Trusted Astrological Guide in Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I am Brenda, a Certified Professional Astrologer based in Phoenix, AZ, with a thriving practice termed Eclipse Astrology. With over 25 years of experience, I offer comprehensive astrological consultations that cover a wide range of life areas. Whether you seek insights into your general astrology, are curious about your Solar Return, desire clarity in your relationships, need guidance in your business endeavors, or want to understand your child better, I am here to help you navigate life's journey using the wisdom of the stars.


Discover the Year of the Dragon

Today, I invite you to explore the Year of the Dragon and its significance. Discover what this year means for you, the opportunities it brings, and the potential challenges to be mindful of. With my consultations conducted by phone, you can experience personalized astrological guidance from the comfort of your own space. Also, to ensure you can cherish the insights for years to come, each customer receives a recording of their reading, making it a truly unique and valuable experience.

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