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By Brenda Black, CAP

October 4, 2016

Dear Friends,

Following is a copy of an article that was seen in the October issue of theArizona Society of Astrologersnewsletter. It was co-written by my friend and colleague, Sue Wilkes, PhD and myself:


By Brenda Black, C.A.P. and Sue Wilkes, PhD

Election Day for the United States of America is on November 8, 2016. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Candidate and Donald Trump is the Republican Candidate. We will be sharing our observations of the transits that day for the USA Sibly Chart, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We are looking at the time of 4:46 PM on November 8th when the Moon moves out of void of course motion and enters zero degrees Pisces.

The birth date for the USA Sibly Chart is July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, PA. The Sun is 13 degrees Cancer in the 7th House, the Moon is 27 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd House and the Ascendant is 12 degrees Sagittarius. We are using the Placidus House System. Transiting Saturn, at 15 degrees Sagittarius, is hovering over the Ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius. According to Robert Hand in his book Planets in Transit, it is a time to “Try to avoid building a wall between yourself and others, for this is a great danger now.” It may also reflect the “restructuring” of the face the United States will present to the world with either candidate that is elected.

Looking at Donald Trump’s natal chart, we see the Moon at 29 Aquarius just crossing over his Descendant at 29 Aquarius meaning he is more emotional around people close to him as well as the Media. Mercury at 24 Scorpio opposes his Midheaven at 24 Taurus meaning that he would be thinking more about his family and domestic situation rather than being out there in front of the crowds. Or perhaps he will be using that Mercurial energy to balance his private thoughts with his public expression. Venus at 26 degrees Sagittarius trines his Mars at 26 Leo and he could be involved in what Lois Rodden says, “a spur of the moment party.” Mars at 29 degrees Capricorn recently opposed his Saturn/Venus conjunction at around 24 degrees Cancer and according to Robert Hand, “…others will hit you in your psychological weak spots.” Jupiter is on his way to conjunct his natal Jupiter at 17 degrees Libra in the 2nd House on November 29th and by then he may make a decision about his monetary affairs and taxes. Transiting Saturn at 15 Sagittarius is moving close to opposing his Uranus at 17 degrees Gemini. According to Robert Hand, under this transit “you are irritated by people who try to tell you what to do. You feel that you have had enough, and you may be tempted to throw everything away and leave.” The effects of the Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo in Donald’s 1st House will have an impact on his presence in the Presidential Election.

On Election Day the Sun at 16 degrees Scorpio conjuncts Hillary Clinton’s Venus. Under this transit, Robert Hand says, “You will attract people today, because you put so much personal energy into being warm and friendly, and others are bound to respond to you.” The Moon at 29 degrees of Aquarius just made a conjunction to her Pallas Athena who, according to Sue Wilkes, is the right brain of the goddess and the part of the goddess, in Mythology, that the patriarchy did accept. Mercury recently made a conjunction to Hillary’s natal Mercury at 21 degrees Scorpio. At this time, according to Robert Hand, “…you have an opportunity to talk to people about matters that are really important to you…” Transiting Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces is on the way to conjunct Hillary’s Moon at 22 degrees Pisces. This could be experienced as a healing of deep wounds and emotions currently suppressed by the “Patriarchy,” as seen in the Clinton/Trump debate that aired on TV on September 26, 2016. Mars at 29 degrees Capricorn just entered Hillary’s 3rd House giving her more exposure in the Media. Mars is also now making a conjunction to her natal Black Moon Lilith. Mythologically, the BML represents bringing repressed feminine wisdom, power and energy that has long been repressed into the physical realm. Transiting Jupiter at 12 degrees Libra will have just made a conjunction to her Neptune at 11 degrees Libra. This means, according to Lois Rodden in her book, “Modern Transits,” that “In aesthetic expansion of creative interests, you could interact with others on a community basis…”

On Election Day the effects of the Solar Eclipse on 9/1/16 at 9 degrees of Virgo, making a conjunction to Hillary’s North Node at 9 degrees Virgo in her 10th house, increase her popularity and give her more exposure in the Media.

To sum it up, the Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo, making a conjunction to the transiting North Node at 9 degrees Virgo prior to Election Day, impacts the results of the
Presidential Election.


Meanwhile, for the month of October, Mars is in Capricorn. We will be more coordinated, practical and function better in business. We are better at self-discipline and self-controlat this time. On October 15th the Full Moon will be at 23 degrees of Aries at 9:23 PM MST. Eris, the newly discovered planet beyond Pluto that has warlike tendencies, will be conjunct Uranus and the Full Moon. The Media will report stories with a higher note of pain, stress and combat leading up to the weekend of October 14th, 15th and 16th. Stay as calm and grounded as possible.

Astrologer, Philip Comi will be the speaker at the Arizona Society of Astrologers monthly meeting on October 15thfrom 1 to 4:30 PM. He is a well-known Astrologer from both Arizona and California. He will be teaching us how to make accurate predictions using transits, secondary progressions and solar arc progressions. For more information, go to or call me at 602-363-6396.

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” Oprah Winfrey

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